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The XT1 Enduro Series lawn tractors set a new industry standard. Reimagined from top to bottom, these riding mowers deliver exceptional mowing performance, are remarkably comfortable and are engineered to support a wide variety of attachments for all-season versatility. Features: ADVANCED MOWING PERFORMANCE A new muscular cutting system - available in both stamped and fabricated decks - features an advanced belt design and is built with extra heavy-duty components. The result is the pristine Cub Cadet Signature Cut™, exceptional bagging performance and a new level of reliability and durability. CORROSION DEFENSE SYSTEM WITH E-COAT Cub Cadet offers automotive-grade corrosion resistance. The exclusive, multi-step Cub Cadet Corrosion Defense System™ with E-Coat provides years of protection against wear and tear from the elements. INCREDIBLY RESPONSIVE HANDLING With incredible control, the new optimized steering system on the XT1 gives you precise handling, easy maneuverability and command at every turn.

Only the XT3 has an automotive-style direct shaft drive. That means no belts to the drive system to slip or break - just maximum power delivery and durability even when cutting through tall grass or using attachments. Matched with a cast-iron transmission and front axle, the XT3 provides reliable Cub Cadet performance. Every Cub Cadet XT3 tractor comes standard with professional-grade Kohler® V-Twin engines for exceptional power, strength and smooth operation. And with an automatic transmission and standard cruise control, you've got the control and power to take on the big jobs. Extra-tough stamped and fabricated cutting decks plus an advanced cutting system built with rugged components ensure unbeatable durability, breakthrough bagging performance and, of course, the beautiful Cub Cadet Signature Cut. Decks sold separately.

XT3 Enduro 


B40012                    42" Stamped Deck - Black                                       $599.99

A40013                    50" Stamped Deck - Yellow                                     $799.99

B40013                    50" Stamped Deck - Black                                       $799.99

A40014                    54" Stamped Deck - Yellow                                     $899.99

B40014                    54" Stamped Deck - Black                                       $899.99

B40015                     48" FAB Deck - Black                                               $999.99

B40016                     54" FAB Deck - Black                                            $1,099.99

A40025                     60" FAB Deck - Black Only (For GSX Only)          $1,299.99

XT3 Enduro (Kohler Command Engine Package, Shaft Driven)


GS                          22.5 HP Twin Kohler Command, Hydro, Electric PTO, Manual Lift                                         $4,499.99

GSX                       25 HP Twin Kohler Command, Hydro, Electric PTO, Electric Lift, EPS, Diff.-Lock                    $5,499.99                                          

CC30 H              382cc Cub Cadet Rear Engine Rider   Hydro, Manual PTO                                    $1,499.00 


Cub Cadet Riders

XT1 Enduro (Kohler Engine Package, Sealed Bearings)

LT42                     18 HP Single Kohler Courage   Hydro, Manual PTO                                                                 $1,699.99

LT42 EFI               547 cc Cub Cadet single EFI     Hydro, Manual PTO, PBS                                                        $1,949.99

LT46                     22 HP Twin Kohler 7000           Hydro, Manual PTO                                                                 $1,899.99  

LT46 EFI               547 cc Cub Cadet single EFI     Hydro, Electric PTO                                                                 $2,199.99   

LT50                     24 HP Twin Kohler 7000           Hydro, Electric PTO                                                                 $2,099.99

ST54                    24 HP Twin Kohler 7000           Hydro, Electric PTO, Cub Connect                                          $2,699.99

GT50                    25 HP Twin Kohler 7000           GT Hydro, Electric PTO, Cub Connect                                    $2,999.99

GT54                    25 HP Twin Kohler 7000           GT Hydro, Electric PTO, Cub Connect                                    $3,299.99​

XT2 Enduro (Kawasaki Engine Package, Greaseable Bearings)

LX42 KH                   22 HP Twin Kohler 7000       Hydro, Manual PTO, Bumper, Armrest                                          $1,999.99

LX46                         24 HP Twin Kohler 7000       Hydro, Electric PTO, Bumper, Armrest                                           $2,199.99

LX46 EFI                  679cc EFI Cub Cadet Twin     Hydro, Electric PTO, Bumper, Armrest                                           $2,499.99

SLX50                      679cc EFI Cub Cadet Twin      Hydro, Electric PTO, Brush Guard, Armrest                                  $2,899.99

SLX54                      25 HP Twin Kohler 7000         Hydro, Electric PTO, Brush Guard, Armrest , CC                          $3,299.99

GX50                       25 HP Twin Kohler 7000         Hydro, Electric PTO, Brush Guard, Armrest                                  $3,599.99

GX54D                     26 HP Twin Kohler 7000        GT Hydro, Electric PTO, Diff.-Lock, Brush Guard, Armrest           $3,899.00



Powerful Kawasaki and Kohler engines available on XT2 tractors. Smooth, powerful, and reliable performance is on demand for whatever the job may be, like cutting through thicker grass or hauling bigger loads.Every XT2 tractor comes standard with premium Multi Trac tires featuring an aggressive tread design that directs the power straight to the ground, minimizing slip and spinning, even on wet grass. That means less turfing, more precise maneuvering and better results.An all new, muscular cutting system design and construction ensures you'll always experience unbeatable durability, amazing bagging performance and the pristine Cub Cadet Signature Cut.

Telescoping ergo steering wheel
Foot-Controlled Hydrostatic Transmission
New LED High Illumination Headlight