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Exmark debuted its new Lazer Z Diesel commercial zero-turn riding mower yesterday at GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky, along with several other innovations.

The new diesel model was built from the ground up and, according to product manager Lloyd van Scheliha, has been four years in the making.

Designed to increase landscapers’ productivity, the Lazer Z Diesel can mow an excess of 10-acres per hour with the 96-inch deck model.

“As a result, the Lazer Z Diesel is the ideal choice for municipalities, universities, landscape contractors and others that need a highly productive, versatile, efficient and durable mower to maintain vast expanses of turf,” said Daryn Walters, director of marketing for Exmark.

The 96-inch model features the UltraCut Flex Wing that has a rear-discharge design with a 48-inch center deck and two 24-inch wing decks. Unlike some other large mower decks that are only able to fold up for trailering, the Lazer Z Diesel’s wing decks can flex up 20 degrees and down 15 degrees. This allows it to minimize scalping and improve cut quality on uneven terrain.

With the wing decks raised, the Lazer Z Diesel is designed to fit on any trailer that can handle a 72-inch ZTR.

The Lazer Z Diesel also comes in 60-inch and 72-inch deck sizes. The new mower is powered by a liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engine. While the Lazer Z Diesel runs quiet, van Scheliha says that it still has a ton of power to get the job done.

Exmark’s new mower features RED Technology and works with the Yanmar engine to reduce governor lag and increase responsiveness at more fuel-efficient RPM levels. The company also introduced the next generation of its RED Technology during the tradeshow, which is designed to give users more control and efficiency.

A new LCD monitor screen is available on both gasoline- and diesel-powered Lazer Z models. It provides an easy-to-use interface where users can see operating stats, such as gallons of fuel used, to calculate efficiency and fault codes are now listed as text so technicians know immediately what the problem is.

Service history, error codes and maintenance reminders are all tracked with the RED Technology. Users can also select from three defined operating modes with different RPMs on the control module.

RED Technology allows operators to switch between three modes.
[red technology on exmark]
Photo: Exmark

44 HP Yanmar 3TNV86T Diesel 144" Rear Discharge

44 HP Yanmar 3TNV86T Diesel 144" Rear Discharge

LZS80TDYM604W0                25 HP Yanmar 3TNV80FT Diesel 60" Welded deck               $23,999.00   

LZS80TDYM724W0                25 HP Yanmar 3TNV80FT Diesel 72" Welded deck               $24,999.00   

​LZS80TDYM724RW0             25 HP Yanmar 3TNV80FT Diesel 72" Rear Discharge           $25,399.00  

LZS88CDYM96RW0              37 HP Yanmar 3TNV88C Diesel 96" Rear Discharge             $47,999.00

​LZS86TDYM12RWO              44 HP Yanmar 3TNV86T Diesel 144" Rear Discharge           $71,999.00        

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Diesel-powered, heavy-duty performance.

For a variety of reasons, the redesigned diesel-powered Lazer Z zero-turns may be the right choice for your cutting needs. These machines make quick work of the largest, toughest jobs and raise the bar for cut quality, operator comfort, fuel efficiency and ease of handling. Our large 96-inch flex wing deck is capable of mowing over 9.5-acres per hour, making it the most productive mower Exmark has ever built. The Lazer Z Diesel is also available with 60- and 72-inch UltraCut mower decks.

37 HP Yanmar 3TNV88C Diesel 96" Rear Discharge