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Check out the new Exmark Radius X-Series, the latest in commercial zero turns.
Exmark Radius X-Series delivers the cut quality and durability professionals demand with a host of new features and innovations. Powered by Kawasaki FX engines, with Hydro-Gear integrated transmissions and up to 10 mph fwd. ground speed, Radius X-Series improves productivity, but a full-suspension operator seat with operator preference dial and elastometric vibration control (EVC) means maximum comfort.

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RAX651GKA484A3         21.5 HP Kawasaki FX651 V-Twin 48" Welded deck                $7,999.95  Sale Price $7,499.95 

RAX691GKA524A3         23 HP Kawasaki FX691 V-Twin 52" Welded deck                   $8,499.95  Sale Price $7,999.95  

RAX730GKA604A3         23.5 HP Kawasaki FX730 V-Twin 60" Welded deck                $8,999.95  Sale Price $8.499.95

RAS708GEM483C3      24.5  HP Exmark V-Twin W/48 in. Welded Deck & Suspension Platform   $6,999.95  Sale Price $6,499.95

RAS708GEM523C3      24.5  HP Exmark V-Twin W/52 in. Welded Deck & Suspension Platform    $7,499.95  Sale Price $6,999.95

RAS708GEM603C3      24.5  HP Exmark V-Twin W/60 in. Welded Deck & Suspension Platform    $7,999.95  Sale Price $7,499.95

​RAS708GEM60RC3     24.5  HP Exmark V-Twin W/60 in. Rear Discharge Welded Deck & Suspension Platform              $8,399.95  ​


RAE702GEM44300            22 HP Exmark V-Twin W/44 in. Welded Deck                      $5499.99    Sale Price $4,999.95  

RAE708GEM48300            24.5 HP Exmark V-Twin W/ 48 in. Welded deck                   $5999.95  Sale Price $5,499.95

RAE708GEM52300            24.5 HP Exmark V-Twin W/ 52 in. Welded deck                   $6499.95   Sale Price  $5,999.95

RAE708GEM60300            24.5 HP Exmark V-Twin W/60 in. Welded deck                    $6999.95   Sale Price  $6,499.95

Exmark Radius S Series


The next generation of zero-turn mowers from Exmark.
Exmark Radius S-Series delivers the cut quality and durability professionals demand at an unbeatable value. Powered by Exmark engines, with Hydro-Gearintegrated transmissions and up to 9 mph forward ground speed Radius improves productivity. It features our UltraCut deck technology for greater efficiency and 2018 models come with a suspended operator platform. Available with 48-, 52- and 60-inch cutting decks.


These are the new Radius mowers. From Exmark.
The Exmark E-Series provides the best of both worlds: The commercial grade features lawn professionals need, like 3-Series (5” deep) UltraCut decks, maintenance-free spindle assemblies and a powerful Exmark 24.5 HP, 708cc V-twin engine, while delivering value that makes this zero turn mower attractive to anyone with a lot of grass to mow.

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