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Maximum Stand-On Mower Productivity, Power and Ease of Use

When you need maximum power and productivity from your stand-on zero-turn mower, Staris S-Series models have you covered. State-of-the-art Kawasaki and Kohler commercial engines deliver the power to tackle any job, with the ability to fit into tight spaces. Available EFI-equipped models offer reduced fuel consumption. The Staris offers smooth control and can achieve ground speeds up to 10 mph thanks to the trusted pump and wheel motor combination. The drive system also utilizes hard hydraulic lines, reducing potential leak points, improving durability and hydro-oil cooling. Available in 48-, 52-, or 60-inch cut widths, UltraCut Series 4 side-discharge cutting decks deliver a signature cut quality, with the ability to easily mulch or bag clippings when properly equipped. The suspended operator platform increases operator comfort and has the ability to quickly fold up, decreasing trailer space.

Exmark Staris E Series Stand-On Mower

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            RETAIL PRICE                         

STS651GKA48400                              21.5 HP Kawasaki FX651V 48" Cut                                                            $9,999.99                          

STS730GKA52400                              23.5 HP Kawasaki FX730 52" Cut                                                            $10,699.99                      

STS730AKC52400                              23 HP Kohler Command ECV730 EFI 52" Cut                                        $11,099.99                       

STS730GKA60400                              23.5 HP Kawasaki  FX730   60" Cut                                                         $ 11,199.99                       

STS740EKC60400                               25 HP Kohler Command ECV 740 EFI 60" Cut                                       $11,599.99                    

Performance. Versatility. Value.

Available with a choice of 32-, 36- or 44-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting decks, Staris E-Series commercial stand-on mower strike the perfect balance of productivity and value. The compact size of the 32-inch model allows it to fit through 36-inch gates and into tight spaces - a must for commercial mowing. A top ground speed of 10 mph enables landscape pros to mow more properties, more quickly, without the fatigue typically experienced with a small walk-behind mower. A large, open operator platform allows for easy step-on step-off. Constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel, Staris frames feature the same wall thickness as our industry-standard Lazer Z zero-turn riders. Proven Kawasaki V-twin commercial engines feature cast-iron cylinder liners, pressurized lubrication and a rotating grass chopper screen to minimize debris in the cooling system.

Staris S Series

Exmark Staris Stand-On E and S Series Video

Exmark Staris Stand-On E and S Series

Staris E Series

Exmark Staris E Series Stand-On Mower

                                                                                                                                                               RETAIL PRICE              PROMO PRICE

STE600CKA323H1                              18.5 HP Kawasaki FS600 36" Cut **                                   $8,699.00                        $7,699.99

STE600CKA363H1                              18.5 HP Kawasaki FS600 36" Cut **                                   $9,199.00                        $8,199.99

 ** Single point Of Height  Adjustment