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Ferris IS3200Z

The IS® 3200Z is the latest in mowing technology. We took our top-of-the-line design and made it even more reliable and durable. This drive system features independent, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® Transaxles for improved dependability and increased performance, Large 26" drive tires allow for greater traction, smoother ride and improved curb climbing performance. The deck mounting and leveling systems have been updated with solid steel hangers for added reliability and ease of adjustment.

The IS® 3200Z ZTR Features:

NEW! Oil Guard System on Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK EFI engine options. Save 60% on oil maintenance per season per unit!**
Updated iCD™ Cutting System with professional lawn striper delivers smoother cutting performance with free-floating deck employing solid steel rods & enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
Choose between 61" and 72" wide decks.
Patented adjustable front and rear suspension results in the best & refined zero turn ride and more consistent cut at higher speed. Responding to the most unforgiving terrain with control and steering accuracy, it lessens stress on both man and machine.
Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.

Ferris IS3200 series

IS3200ZBV3261            32 GROSS HP VANGUARD BIG BLOCK OGS W/61" DECK            $10,999.00

IS3200ZBVE3761          37 GROSS HP VANGUARD EFI BIG BLOCK W/61" DECK               $11,699.00

​IS3200ZBVE3761          37 GROSS HP VANGUARD EFI BIG BLOCK OGS W/61" DECK       $11,999.00

IS3200ZKAV3561          35 GROSS HP KAWASAKI FX1000V DFI W/61" DECK                     $11,499.00

IS3200ZBV3272            32 GROSS HP VANGUARD BIG BLOCK OGS W/72"                      $11,499.00

IS3200ZBVE3772          37 GROSS HP VANGUARD EFI BIG BLOCK OGS W/72" DECK       $12,499.00

IS3200ZKAV3572          35 GROSS HP KAWASAKI FX1000V W/72" DECK                            $12,099.00