Congress Outdoor Power Equipment


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Powerful Engine

For the most challenging applications, this Big Block engine has been expertly engineered to deliver the dependability to get more done in less time. Models are available with 32 or 37 Gross HP*.

Easy Access

Quick removal of the floor pan provides convenient access to the top of the deck for easy cleaning and service.

Smooth Controls

Smooth, precision controls last longer as a result of pillow block bearings on control mounts.

​Patented ​Suspension

Consists of rear coil-over-shocks (shown) and pivoting front axle with coil-over-shocks.

Featuring the next generation of Ferris suspension technology – ForeFront™ Suspension, a 2-belt iCD™ cutting system, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® drive system and travel speeds up to 12 mph, the ISX™ 3300 is engineered to increase efficiency and operator comfort.
Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.

Adjust Cut Height

Foot-operated deck lift, with adjustable pedal, can change cut height in 1/4" increments from 1.5"- 5".

Ride-On Mower Warranties†

Coil-Over-Shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for 5 years (60 months), for unlimited hours. We are committed to providing performance, productivity and durability.


Ferris ISX3300Z

500 Hour Oil Change (Select Models)

Vanguard™ Engines with Oil Guard System reduce maintenance time and costs by up to 60%.**

Drive System

Dual, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® transaxles deliver unmatched power and durability.

Ferris IS3200 series

ISX3300ZBV3661SS                        36 GROSS HP VANGUARD BIG BLOCK OGS W/61" DECK SUSP. SEAT                                            $14,499.00

ISX3300KAV3161SS                        31 HP KAWASAKI FX921 W/ 61" DECK SUSP. SEAT                                                                            $14,699.00

ISX3300ZBV3672SS                        36 GROSS HP VANGUARD BIG BLOCK OGS W/72"  SUSP. SEAT                                                      $15,099.00

ISX3300ZBVE4061SS                      40 GROSS HP VANGUARD EFI BIG BLOCK OGS W/ 61" DECK SUSP. SEAT                                     $15,999.00

ISX3300KAVE3861SS                      38 GROSS HP KAWASAKI FX1000V EFI W/61" DECK  SUSP. SEAT                                                     $15,999.00

ISX3300ZBVE4072SS                      40 GROSS HP VANGUARD EFI BIG BLOCK OGS W/ 72" DECK SUSP. SEAT                                      $16,599.00

ISX3300KAVE3872SS                      38 GROSS HP KAWASAKI FX1000V EFI W/72" DECK  SUSP. SEAT                                                     $16,599.00

Drive Tires

Large 26" drive tires allow for greater traction, smoother ride and improved curb climbing performance.

Ferris ISX3300 Features

Hercules™ II Spindles

Hercules™ II spindles; 10" dia. cast-iron with industrial double row angular contact ball bearing with 1 3/16" dia. shaft. Contact ball bearings with 1 3/16" dia. shaft.